Welcome to new Urbanpharma

by Urban Pharma

Dear Valued Customer,
We are renewed.

We have been serving to our customers since 2009 and we tried our best to serve in the best way.

For the last 2 years, our storefront was closed due to some legal problems and we keep working hard to give the best service via email. During this time we received a lot of emails from our customers with their best wishes and thanks to us for keep serving for them. That increased our motivation.

We keep working hard and renewed our website. Better navigation, better mobile experience and much more. You can now navigate our website and give your order easily with your mobile phone or tablet. Also our new website is faster than the old one.

We decreased most prices in medications that used for treatment of common health conditions. Please check most prices in some categories like Cholesterol, Diabetes, Anti-depressants and Male Enhancement. Or check our Alphabetical List to view all medications available on website. Also please email us for any medication you can not find on our website, and we will try our best to source it.

And one important issue is we expanded our Cancer Treatment category, where prices are very high in some countries and people without extensive medical insurance can not purchase. We kindly ask you to direct any person who are seeking these type medications.

Credit card processing is a complicated issue for online pharmacies. However with the fast development in technology, we have cryptocurrencies in our lives now. We integrated Bitcoin payment system for payment process in our website and now our customers could pay for their order via Bitcoin faster, easier and cheaper. For our customers unfamiliar with Bitcoins payments, it is easy to understand and we prepared a guide for you. Once you complete a successful payment via Bitcoins, you will easily complete your future orders and it will be your best payment method.

Please now navigate our website and write your comments below. We will be happy to hear from you and your recommendations.

Have a good day,